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We base our services to our customers on Expertise in power generation technology and energy efficiency. Decades of experience in advanced product development. A long track-record in technological innovation and Unique engineering capabilities and state-of-the-art tools

Product Development

CPS has a senior engineering team of professionals with extensive experience in advanced product development in the field of power generation. The CPS core competence builds upon achievements and successes from key technology development programs within several leading OEM companies such as ABB, Alstom, General Electric and Siemens.

Consulting Services

Many operators of power plants are forced to compromise when doing business with the large OEM companies in order to fit in with their standard product portfolios. CPS differentiates itself by providing solutions fitted to the customers’ particular needs. 

Tendering Consulting CPS can assist you in negotiations with OEM companies and critically analyze technical offers as well as commercial contracts. 

Performance Improvements

CPS offers engineering for efficiency improvements and emission reductions in existing generation units:

Optimization of combustion processes for higher exit average temperature and reduced temperature peaks. Emission reductions and resolution of challenging combustion problems in all types of power plants and heat processes. Redesign of performance limiting components and parts that restrict the plant to reach its full potential. 

Plant Construction

As an accomplished and multi-faceted partner CPS also provides services related to power plant construction, commissioning and operation. 

  • Site management: control and co-ordination of subcontractor activities according to project plan.
  • Project control: consistent and on-time reporting on project progress and budget spending.
  • Document control: verification and documentation of logistics and workflow.


CPS is highly qualified to assist power plants with troubleshooting of operational issues. 

The CPS methodology for tackling field issues is based on a systematic approach incorporating root-cause analysis. This can be used in a number of areas:

  • Combustion stability issues
  • Controls and operational issues
  • Emission problems
  • Mechanical failures of parts and components
  • Start-up failures
  • Vibration and rotor dynamics issues

Client Testimonials

"Thanks to their CFD analysis work, we were able to considerably improve our steam exhaust duct design for our air-cooled condensers..."
"We are impressed with [CPS's] collective knowledge, analysis tools, and capabilities in applying fundamentals as a foundation for a solution, regardless of the complexity.
arizona Public Services - Electricity
“CPS has been both professional and pleasant to work with. We are impressed with your”
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